More than one thousand years B.C., an Arabian pioneer known as Mustafa Zagadabi discovered an Ethiopian tree, later given the Latin name Coffea Arabica. This remarkable tree produced what was then described as a small, nutlike fruit, which when roasted over a fire would turn a dark chocolate brown. Like a true pioneer, Zagadabi started experimenting with this curious little fruit. He soon discovered that once roasted, cooled and crushed to a fine, grain-like consistency, the fruit could be turned into a rich and golden aromatic drink when combined with boiling water. The drink worked like magic. Zagadabi sensed that after drinking it, he felt far more alert and strong. The magic potion helped Zagadabi and his small army to stay awake much longer than usual, and it quickly became his secret weapon; a way to outwit anyone who crossed his path. Fierce battles ensued, many of them fights over the Kingdom of Drin: the luscious and fertile region in which the Coffea Arabica tree happened to grow. Rumour has it that once Zagadabi became king of Drin, a new law was passed; one that allowed everyone in his kingdom, regardless of status, to drink his royal liquid. Thanks to this law, the people of Drin always had access to this powerful drink, allowing them to remain alert and thus safe from any future threats or enemies. Throughout his life, King Zagadabi would count his discovery of the Coffea Arabica tree as his biggest blessing. By royal decree, the drink was named Coffee. During his years as ruler of Drin, Zagadabi frequently celebrated his discovery by raising his glass and proclaiming: ‘Where fire meets water!’ before taking a sip of the delicious cup of Coffee that made him king. He lived a long and happy life, and was loved by his people until the day he died. And so through the legacy of Mustafa Zagadabi, the tale of the Coffee drink spread throughout the world. The story of how an unknown pioneer can turn into the King of Drin with just a little help from a mysterious golden liquid. This saga forms the foundation of the popular, everyday phenomenon we now know as; Drin-king coffee.